OnlineBet.com Interview with David Mann

June 2023

OnlineBet.com Interview with David Mann

Swintt has become one of the fastest-growing game providers around. While that growth might have made it look like an easy ride, what do you actually attribute the success of the company to when compared to other software providers?

First and foremost I would say it’s our people. We have a fantastic team of industry experts who really help us stand out in all aspects of our business. Of course we’re always looking for new ways to innovate our product line and try to ensure that we have a busy roadmap of launches scheduled throughout the year, but it’s the team who really make all the difference.

Swintt is part of the Glitnor Group, which has a really solid reputation in iGaming. What is it about Glitnor Group that sets them apart in such a competitive industry? Is the history of the founders selling Vera&John for $109M testament to their experience?  

I’d say we’re incredibly fortunate to have true leaders in the gaming industry as our founders. Glitnor Group obviously has huge experience in knowing how to grow a business – and their success with Vera&John is just one standout example of that. Just as I mentioned for Swintt, at Glitnor it’s again all about the people. We have an amazing team on the B2C side of the business as well as the B2B side, but what really helps the company stand out is its structure, which is very unique within the industry. We didn’t build up the business and then bring a B2B supplier on board to help support us at a later stage – we established the business ourselves within the group. Having a team focusing on the B2C side and then being able to open operations on the B2B side via Swintt really makes us something of a unicorn in the industry.  

Glitnor recently announced the launch of Glitnor Ventures. What are the main criteria for companies seeking investment from Glitnor and what do you look for in a start-up?

Glitnor Ventures is an exciting new part of our business and we’re always open to hearing new ideas and meeting companies or individuals with really interesting proposals. If we see the potential to develop a business, we’ll always try to involve Glitnor Ventures and lend our considerable industry expertise to ensuring that business grows in the most sustainable way. 

Going back to your games, what’s the secret sauce for producing quality titles that players love when there are so many other software studios out there to compete with?

It’s definitely a passion of the team at Swintt to create games that really stand out from the competition in terms of quality and innovation. I’d say that one of the main ways we continue to do that is by listening to feedback from our customers and the players via our collaborations with affiliates and streamers. If you want to produce games that players love, there’s definitely nothing more effective than taking on comments and suggestions from the end user to refine your product.

What is SwinttStudios?

SwinttStudios is a unique partnership programme that enables boutique third-party software providers to develop and launch their games within Swintt’s existing framework. By assisting these studios from a technical, commercial and marketing perspective, we allow them to fully focus on creating the best product possible and then help them distribute it via our extensive network of partners. We currently have two partners – Fine Edge Gaming and Samurai Studios – already on board with SwinttStudios, but we’re looking forward to adding many more soon.

What can you share about the rest of this year and looking ahead into 2024 in terms of the news and projects happening at Swintt?

We’re very excited about entering new markets and we’re currently working tirelessly to launch games in the UK, where we acquired a license last year. The US is always a major focus for us, but we’re also looking to launch in Ontario, Romania and Greece in the coming months, so this will be a big part of our strategy as well. Essentially, we just want our games to be available to as many players around the globe as possible and every new market that we enter brings us closer to realising that goal. On the product front, we’re looking forward to launching more games under the Swintt umbrella – including two branded games with our favourite ambassador, Vinnie Jones – and expanding our SwinttStudios programme by adding more partners to our line-up and launching more games from the partners who’re already on board.