NewSlotGames interview with David Mann

May 2023

NewSlotGames interview with David Mann

Today we’re talking with David Mann, the Chief Executive Officer of Swintt. We’re going to ask him about the company’s vision for the future, about slots in general, and about the future of Swintt.

Hello, David. Thank you for finding the time to answer our questions. I’d like to ask you about the company, but I don’t want to be boring, so I will phrase it a bit differently. Swintt was founded in 2019. More than 100 developers have released games this year. What new approach did Swintt’s founders have for the company, to make it stand out in this market, and what are you offering to help make you a success?

Swintt as a company focuses on bringing a wide, diverse range of high-quality games to the casino market. We understood the importance of standing out in a competitive market, and that's why we developed a range of games that cater to different types of players. We offer our in-house SwinttGames, which feature captivating gameplay with state-of-the-art graphics, as well as classic online land-based game machines known as SwinttPremium. Additionally, we have recently introduced a new business vertical called SwinttStudios, which brings some of the highest quality studios to the SwinttPlatform.

One of our significant strengths is the wide variety of games we offer to our clients. Our game portfolio includes video slots, table games, and live casino games. The live casino games, known as SwinttLive, focus on players who enjoy live entertainment and offer a unique twist on classic games like Roulette, Baccarat, and Tiger Bonus Baccarat.

I played a lot of games from Swintt, from the first to the most recent ones, and I’ve noticed a couple of trends in your releases in 2022. For one, you’re using more colorful and highly detailed graphics and a great example of that would be Monster Disco XtraHold™. You’re also launching slot machines with new features, and I’d mention the Xtra series here. It would be interesting to find out how you are coming up with new ideas and original designs. Are you designing new features on your own, or are you talking with partners and players?

To come up with new ideas, we take a collaborative approach. We work closely with our partners to gather feedback and insights that help us understand what works well with different player segments. This feedback is an essential part of our product development process, and we use it to form our decisions.

One of our recent innovations is the Xtra series, which introduces unique and innovative game mechanics that enhance the gameplay experience for players. The Xtra series includes several features that have been designed to keep players engaged and entertained. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our games and enhance the players’ experience.

Swintt has two main collections of games, called SwinttGames and SwinttPremium. Is one of these better than the other? What is the main difference between them, and why do you split your games into two groups?

Both collections are unique and offer players an excellent gaming experience. While each collection has its strengths, it is challenging to say which one is better than the other. It all depends on the player's preferences and what they are looking for in a game.

The main difference between the two collections is the type of gaming experience they offer. SwinttGames focuses on innovative and immersive gameplay experience with top-of-the-line graphics and game mechanics that set it apart from the rest such as The Crown and Aloha Spirit XtraLock. On the other hand, SwinttPremium combines the classic simplicity of traditional land-based machines with exciting features, as seen in Seven Seven Pots and Pearls and Extra Win X.

We also have a question from our partner, LiveCasinoGuru.com, about live dealer games: What are the key features of the live dealer games offered by Swintt?

Our SwinttLive collection is streamed live from Las Vegas, offering players a realistic and authentic gaming experience. The live dealer games incorporate cutting-edge features and functionalities, such as mobile-first design optimised for portrait mode and one-handed play, allowing players to enjoy the games seamlessly on their mobile devices.

The collection features proven game variants like Roulette, Baccarat, and Tiger Bonus Baccarat, providing players with a range of options to choose from. The live dealer games are impeccably quick, responsive, and detailed, ensuring that players have a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

I want to give you a chance to talk about the future. Can you tell us about your vision for 2023, and about the trends that you want to take advantage of in the coming year?

We have several plans in the pipeline that we are confident will drive our growth and expansion. One of our primary goals is to expand our presence in different markets, and we are planning to enter at least eight different markets, including Greece, Ontario, Romania, and Italy. Our aim is to offer our game collection to even more players in different markets and create more growth opportunities.

We are currently collaborating with the legendary celebrity Vinnie Jones, which is a project that we are particularly excited about. Our team is thrilled to announce that we will be creating two new video slots that will feature this iconic personality. Players can anticipate the arrival of these exciting slots and should keep an eye on this paragraph for more updates.

Finally, we are committed to continuing our partnerships with more high-quality studios to add to our SwinttStudios catalog. By partnering with these studios, we can offer our players a wider variety of games and ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry's latest trends.

We are NewSlotGames, and we’re all about new slot machines. Can you give our players some information on one of your upcoming games, and perhaps some kind of graphical preview?

We have two exciting game launches coming up which are also highly anticipated by Swintt. Electric Elements is a 5x7 slot game with a cluster pays feature, which is sure to make for an exciting gameplay experience. The game also features elemental boosters, which can be triggered by filling the corresponding element meter. The boosters include Fire, Earth, Wind, or Water, and they add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Capsule Treasure Thor's Strike is an upcoming game from SwinttStudios, developed by Samurai Studios. The game features a Norse mythology theme, including a cascading feature, where winning combinations on the reels will cause the symbols involved to disappear and be replaced by new symbols falling from above. Players can expect stunning graphics and immersive gameplay from Capsule Treasure Thor's Strike and we are looking forward to seeing the performance of this game.

David, thank you for your time, and I wish Swintt all the best. I hope you’re going to be able to meet your targets in the coming year and keep releasing new and interesting slot machines for us, the players. We will continue to review your objectively. All the best!

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