Press Release — November 24, 2020

Interview with Swintt: 2021 looks to be an incredible year

Behind quality casino games stands a software developer who puts a lot of effort into providing the best gaming experience. One of the new contenders or stars in the iGaming market is

  • Hello David! You must be a busy man these days, so we appreciate you taking your time to have a little chat with us. You’ve been in this business for quite some time now, so how did your history start with Swintt and how Swintt compares with your previous experience?

I joined Swintt as the second employee after the founder, David Flynn, back in May of last year. Having worked in some gaming companies and helped them grow from early stages in the market, this is the first time I’ve helped grow a company from the very start. As part of a small team, this is incredibly exciting as I get to impact so many areas of the business and learn a lot – I have honed my marketing experience, product knowledge and technical understanding as well as continuing my progress with commercial elements.

  • Swintt is a relatively new studio, but already you’ve managed to make a name for yourself. What’s the secret recipe for the rapid progression, what drives the team forward?

We have armed ourselves with a repertoire of engaging content, powerful promotional tools and a strong commercial team, all supported by great marketing. Having a selection of games that are specialized for specific markets, such as Germany, we are able to offer our clients products that deliver growth in their chosen markets. We believe it’s crucial to offer what players want to play – games they know, love and trust.

  • For our readers who are not so familiar with all the unique Swintt products, could you tell us, what is SwinttGamify and Swintt Play-it-Back all about?

SwinttGamify is our suite of powerful promotional tools. The product enables us to run tournaments and achievements across our portfolio, and currently we offer these as a fully managed service – we setup the tournaments, maintain them each day, and automatically reward players – which takes a lot of hassle away from casino operators. The simplicity of the process means we can easily run quick, effective tournaments and boost player LTV while ensuring ROI.

SwinttPlay-it-Back is our charity focused initiative, where we are creating a product that allows charities to benefit from player gameplay. Over time, players will be donating to charities in the background of their gameplay, and they can select which charity will benefit – allowing every player to become a philanthropist.

  • One of the main things that we wanted to discuss today is your Tournaments. How do these tournaments function and which tournaments players are able to participate in right now?

Our tournament tool is designed for simplicity – players merely have to play in a participating game to join the tournament! We make sure to have fun and dynamic scoring criteria to give every player a chance rather than solely focused on the VIP’s, which delivers an exciting experience to every player. An in-game widget displays a mini-scoreboard, and opens up to show a full, real-time leaderboard that can give players an indication of their points, prizes and position.

Starting next week we have our Black Friday Weeks network tournament, with thousands of players able to participate to win €15,000 in prizes – €1,000 each day, with an additional €500 on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday (in the spirit of giving!). The tournaments run from November 23rd until December 6th, with two tournaments daily to give more chances to win across our player base.

  • In conclusion, what is your personal vision for the future of Swintt? Can we expect some exciting news from the company?

We’re an ambitious company and while we have achieved a lot in a short space of time, we have much further to go and many more exciting developments are yet to come. Our game portfolio will continue to expand with varied content, we will produce more specialist content for key markets, and our SwinttGamify product has much more to deliver. 2021 looks to be an incredible year for us.

  • Once again, thank you for your time David! Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers before we wrap it up?

Just keep an eye out for our regular network tournaments each month to get more chances to win prizes. We have big plans for 2021 so you will be hearing more from us again soon!

“Let's Do This!”

David FlynnChief Executive Officer
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